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Welcome to the workshop and events page. This is where you have the opportunity to take a course, participate in a webinar, herb camp or go for a walk to enhance your knowledge of herbal medicine.

Often workshops are for both those who are beginners and curious and for those who have practicing herbal medicine professionally for years. Hope to see you at a workshop soon.

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Herbal Contraceptives

During these two interactive webinars we explore how to safely use plant contraceptives by unearthing how women in the past used plant contraceptives effectively by understanding their cycles. Along with individual plants, classes of phytoconstituents that influence a woman’s fertility examined. Space is limited to 15 participants.

Tuesday 6:30pm to 8pm

November 1 – New Moon/Full Moon Herbs

November 22 – Using Herbal Contraceptives

Cost: $40.00

These classes will not be recorded.

register by emailing Abrah at

Dreaming Medicine

Xokiin Retreat Centre
Punta Allen, Mexico (south of Tulum)

January 29 – February 4, 2023

Join Abrah and Mark for a week exploring the relationship between the medicine in plants, dreams, the land, sea, sky, stars and in your heart. Traditional healers, including herbalists, have used dreams to gather knowledge of a plant’s medicine, illness and the path to heal. During this week we will take a deep dive into the what it means to dream, the many ways to dream and discover the medicine you carry, the earth offers, and plants give. This week offers you the opportunity to participate in both group and personal explorations, Qi Gong, mandala making and meditation. During the week we will also make some medicine with local plants. You will also have plenty of time to exhale, enjoy the beach, the breeze in the coconut trees, and the soothing warmth of the Caribbean Sea.

Click here for more information and to register

Upcoming Workshops with Margi Flint

Drop Pulse Testing: Confirmations with Drop-Pulse testing and Dowsing

Friday, May 28th, 2023  6:30 – 8:30 pm
At the end of an hour or so of verbal questioning I let my mind relax and share Drop-Pulse testing to confirm which of the herbs to use for my client. Test bottles containing tinctures, or dried herbs from the apothecary, or fresh herbs from the garden can all be employed. Clients love this testing, for they are directly involved in the process. They see the drop fall onto their wrist and note a response. When confirmed with a positive reaction the drop is experienced on the tongue. They are joining their energies with the herbs to feel a response, whilst I observe physical changes or feel pulse changes under my fingertips. As a practitioner I note pulse, pupil,color, tension, temperature, moisture and overall impact of our plant friends on the person sitting before me. Learn to relax your mind and share Drop-Pulse testing. Clients love this testing, for they are directly involved in the process. Test tinctures, dried herbs, or fresh herbs to sense responses. They are joining their energies with the herbs to feel a response. Note pulse, pupil, color, tension, temperature, moisture and overall impact of our plant friends on the person sitting before you.


Reading the Body: Visual Indications to Understand Organ Energetics

Saturday, May 29, 2023 – 10:00 to 4pm   &

Sunday, May 30, 2023 – 10:00 to 3pm

Reading the body’s colors, lines, facial, tongue and fingernail changes offers practitioners confirmation, or better still, initial direction for the herbs to be consumed. Some of these indications change when better health is achieved.To understand the importance of visual indications has been the foundation of my practice. Face, tongue and fingernails, toes, colors and the wide variety of lines and their depth is crucial for accurate understanding of energetic health. The physical body cannot be separated from the spiritual or mental aspects of self. Those skills taught by the late William LeSassier and then new indications from David Winston, and then Matthew Wood, have allowed me to find compliance with clients, narrow down the decisions about which herbs to employ with each client, and confirm my thoughts around which endocrine gland, organ system, or emotional state is under duress. The energetics appear on, in, and into words in unique ways with each person who sits before me. I do believe this skill needs to be introduced early in herbal studies.


  • Friday only – $52 + HST (total $58.76)
  • Only Saturday & Sunday – $250 + HST (total $302.00)
  • All 3 days – Friday, Saturday & Sunday – $280 + HST (total $316.40)

Workshops Location

TBA – somewhere in Ottawa, ON.

Note: spaces for Reading The Body weekend workshop is limited to 30 people. Register early.

Contact Abrah at for more information or to register

About Margi Flint, RH, HM

Registered Herbalist American Herbalists Guild, Herbal Mentor Margi Flint owns and operates EarthSong Herbals in Marblehead, MA. Her filters of wisdom include over twenty years of labor coaching, certification in Polarity Therapy and Reiki, and forty-plus years of herbal practice. She is on staff at Pacific Rim College in BC. She has been caught lecturing at numerous amazing herb schools, Bastyr University, Tufts Medical School, and Mass. College of Pharmacy. She is author of the The Practicing Herbalist IV. The plants and her clients are her revered teachers. She is retired from active practice, focusing now on teaching and learning how to play.


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