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Welcome to the workshop and events page. This is where you have the opportunity to take a course, participate in a webinar, herb camp or go for a walk to enhance your knowledge of herbal medicine.

Often workshops are for both those who are beginners and curious and for those who have practicing herbal medicine professionally for years. Hope to see you at a workshop soon.

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Anatomy & Physiology for Herbalists

Plants interact with the body/mind of human beings in unique ways outside of the reductionistic biomedical understanding of anatomy and physiology. For example, herbalists support the mucosa with demulcents and astringent herbs. Or they use bitters to encourage the appetite. Neither of these actions are considered within the biomedical model understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Plants are not particularly reductionistic in their medicine, so why do herbalists spend so much time memorizing a reductionistic understanding of the body’s anatomy and physiology while ignoring the complexity of the mucous membrane and its unique role in maintaining the body’s health, or the profound impact tastes have on the body. Developing an intuitive grasp of the vast relationships, both micro and macro, within body/mind guides a herbalist in choosing plants to restore balance to the health of their client’s body/mind. That being said, let’s not throw out the science.

During this series of classes we will explore specific organs and systems that are the concern of herbalists working within a holistic model of medicine.

Each class features:

  • A consideration of how the elements interact within different organs and body systems to create balance.
  • How specific organ’s function manifests in the natural environment to support all of life. This will deepen your understanding of interdependence of life.
  • Explore traditional views of the organ or systems being discussed, both Western and Eastern.
  • Discover the relationships between different body parts, and explore how that informs the choices of herbs in creating formulas for our clients.
  • And of course, we’ll delve into herbs specific to body systems or organs being explored.

Who is this course for?

Those who have some understanding of herbal medicine and wish to deepen their appreciation of the body/mind in order to use plant medicine more effectively.

Topics and Dates for 2021

All zoom classes are from 6:30 to 8:30pm
September 28 – The Liver
October 26 – The Kidney
November 30 – Blood
January 18 – Mucous Membrane
February 22 – Extracellular matrix and Interstitial Fluid
March 29 – Connective Tissue
April 26 – Emotions
May 31 – The Biodome

Cost: $160.00 plus HST

Please note: If you have date conflicts, each class will be recorded and recording sent out to all participants the following day.

To register: Please contact Abrah directly at


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