Using Herbal Medicine to Overcome Chronic Infection:

A Holistic Approach

During this series of three workshops, we will explore how herbal medicine can help overcome a chronic infection such as Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Strep and Babesia. Each class will look at different stages of healing chronic infection and specific herbal medicine used at each stage. We will also explore the role our mental and emotional processes have in healing and illness. 


Facilitator: Abrah Arneson is a Clinical Herbalist with 17 years experience of using herbal medicine to help people regain their health. She has participated is trained in using the Buhner protocol and has supported several individuals in their struggle with Lyme disease and other chronic infections. Abrah is passionate about mind/body medicine and experience has taught her that simply treating the body or the mind without taking in account their relationships impedes the healing journey.


Dates: Wednesday, November 20, 27 and Dec 3

Time: 7:00 to 8:30

Location: Ottawa Holistic Wellness 356 MacLaren at Bank.

Cost: $45.00

To register please contact: 

Ottawa Holistic Wellness 613- 230 - 0998

Contact: 613-286-5691