When: Sunday, June 2

10:00 am to 5:00pm (bring a lunch)

Where: 20 chemin du P'tit Canada, Wakefield, QC

Cost: $45.00

To register: abrah.arneson@gmail.com

What is the Workshop About

The study of plant medicine is as vast as all the stars in the universe. Perhaps this is why the relationship between plants, herbalists and the stars is as ancient as time.

The Celts turned to trees to carry messages to heavens. Traditional herbalists of India, Ayurvedic Herbalist,
frequently consult a patient’s astrological chart to understand the nature of the illness and the herbs to use. First Nations ask the stars to guide them in picking their herbs and making

On the day when Venus, the planet of friendship, beauty, love and sex begins to move away from Saturn, the planet of structure, limitations, responsibilities and discipline, we will explore the rich relationship between Venus and her healing herbs.

During this workshop we will:
*Unearth the history of Venus, the planet and goddess, and the feminine
*Deepen our understanding of plant medicine through the language and symbolism of astrology
*Explore the medicine of plants ruled by Venus
*Expand our intuitive understanding of the relationship between plants and planets with group meditations.

Workshop Location:
The workshop is held in Abrah's home. This will give you the opportunity to discover some of Venus' plants in the garden and in the wild. We are about 35 minutes from Ottawa. 

Contact: 613-286-5691                                         abrah.arneson@gmail.com