Level Two Apprenticeship: The Community Herbalist 


Level Two Apprentice: The Community Herbalist offers you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the relationship between the human being and plant medicine through small discussion groups, self-study and in a student clinic setting.


During Level Two, you will begin building the skills needed to practice herbal medicine in 

a clinical setting. 

Note: If you have studied with a number herbalists but not had the opportunity to practice herbal medicine in a clinical setting, and are keen to develop these skills, please email:




You will:

  • Continue to build your knowledge of individual plants and their clinical application
  • Develop assessment and interviewing skills with clients
  • Work with clients in a clinical setting
  • Compile wellness protocols for clients
  • Practice formulation of herbal medicine specific to a client's needs
  • Practice medicine making and develop research skills


Small Group Discussions


October 16     Overview of the year, essays assigned. Begin review of intake with clients

November  20 GI Tract: Inflammatory bowel disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation and herbal protocols

December 18 Nervous system: Mental Illness, Migraines, Insomnia and herbal protocols

January 15     Circulation: High Blood Pressure, Weak Venous Return, Heart Disease and herbal protocols

February 19  Respiratory system: Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis and herbal protocols

March 19       Skin: Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Basil Cell Carcinoma and herbal protocols

April    16       Endocrine system: Adrenal fatigue and Women’s health and herbal protocols

May     21       Children’s Health: Childhood illnesses, Insomnia, ADD/ADHD and herbal protocols

June    18       Bones, Muscles and Ligaments: Fractures, Inflammation, Osteoporosis  and herbal protocols

July     16       Urinary Tract: Urinary tract infections, Kidney stones and Interstitial cystitis, Herpes and herbal protocols.

Please note: Each month case histories will be handed out to work on through the month. The case histories will be reviewed the following month.



During clinic, you will have the opportunity to witness clinical herbal medicine in action. Real clients will come to the clinic, with real health concerns and real plant medicine will be formulated and given to them. You will have the chance to see how the medicine works when the clients return. Both level two and three apprentices will be present during the clinic and each student will have the opportunity to lead a client assessment. 

Student clinics will be held once a month on a Friday and Saturday. 

There may also be student clinic intensives.

For more information on student clinic, please email abrah.arneson@gmail.com


Self Study

Two 15 page thesis on using herbal medicine for a particular health challenge commonly seen in herbal clinics.

26 plant monographs

6 pharmacy assignments

Start a herb garden

Learn how to lead a herb walk



Total Cost: 2300.00 plus hst.

Upon registration: $500.00 plus $65.00 hst

October 1 $500 plus $65.00 hst

December 1 $500 plus $65.00 hst

February 1 $500 plus $65.00 hst

April 1 $300.00 plus $39.00 hst






Contact: 613-286-5691                                         abrah.arneson@gmail.com