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Here you can find out everything I have to offer to learn;

Abrah’s Online Courses

There are two different streams of online courses Abrah is offering at the moment.

    An Herbalist’s Anatomy and Physiology

    This series of videos explores the relationship between the human body/mind and plant medicine. During these videos Abrah explores both contemporary and traditional views of the body/mind in relationship the medicine plants carry. Check back often for more videos as Abrah adds 1 or 2 a month to this stream.

    The Nuance of Herbs

    During this series of videos Abrah discusses plants with similar actions, such as anti-microbial plants, while offering a deeper understanding the unique medicine each plant carries. This series of videos will help you differentiate plants with similar medicinal constituents or actions.

    Abrah's Books

    Abrah is the author of four books on herbal medicine.

    Two of her books The Herbal Apprentice: Plant Medicine and the Human Body and The Herbal Apprentice Workbook are the texts for her first year apprenticeship program.

    The other two books are part of a three book series called The Grandmothers. These books are Abrah’s exploration of the medicine from a European female lineage. The third book in this series should be out later in 2024.

    The Grandmothers are:


    Abrah offers a three year apprentice program focused on supporting individuals to become confident Clinical Herbalists. Please note: This is an in person apprenticeship.


    Abrah offers both on line and in person workshops. Please check the workshop schedule.

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