Healing Circle


The renewed healing circle will continue to focus on individual healing while offering healing energy to our families, communities and the earth as a whole. This is for individuals who have an interest in deepening their understanding of healing energy and wishing to explore healing energy with a group of individuals who share a similar aspiration.

The theme of this series of these Healing Circles is the Elements:

Each evening we will:

Practice meditation on the elements. This meditation can be used as a daily practice.


Healing Dreams: Learning to use your dreams to deepen your experience of the intrinsic healing energy you carry and the elements.


Group meditation: A group meditation with a focus on individual healing and healing on a more global level using the elements.

Open to 12 individuals with a cost of $120.00

1 evening a month 7-9 pm January to April and a full-day retreat in May.



January 15 – Earth Element

February 19 – Water Element

March 19 – Fire Element

April 15 – Air Element

Full-day retreat, Sunday, May 24. 10-5


To Register: Call Ottawa Holistic Wellness at 613-230-0998 or email Abrah at abrah.arneson@gmail.com

Contact: 613-286-5691                                         abrah.arneson@gmail.com