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Personalized Meditation Instruction

Ancient meditation masters use the same word to describe the human heart and mind. They experienced the emotions of the heart and the thoughts of the mind as entwined like two dancers. Meditation was practiced to bring the two into a harmonious dance.

To heal a mind that is confused, anxious, or depressed, ancient masters offered meditations practices to open the heart to the present moment. When the heart is open the mind becomes calm. In this way, meditation was offered as medicine for the both the mind and the heart.

Abrah has been meditating for approximately 30 years. She has experience with many different systems of meditation and has done lengthy personal retreats. Through her experience, she has learned that a regular meditation practice helps one remain present with an open heart to all of life, both the good and the bad.

What to expect during a Meditation Session?

When to come to learn or deepen your practice in meditation Abrah begin’s by asking you, “Why you wish to meditate and what you hope to gain from a regular meditation practice.” Abrah will then guide you through a meditation practice that reflects both your wishes and needs. After meditating together, there will be time to ask questions and clarify the instructions. Following the session, Abrah will send you written instructions on the meditation offered.

It is recommended that you come for at least three sessions to deepen your experience while creating a regular meditation practice.

One hour of meditation instruction is $90.00, currently available over Zoom or in person in Ottawa at Complete Well Being.

“I just wanted to Thank You for the wonderful Meditation lessons.  Between that & the special potions you have prepared for me, I am feeling so much better about everything!  You are an Angel!”

– G.S.


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