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Energy Healing

Abrah is both an Energy Healer and a Teacher. Experience has shown her each individual has the power to heal within themselves. Her goal during each treatment is to help you connect with the healing wisdom you carry. She likes to say,

“When you get off the table you will have more tools to listen deeply to your body, mind and soul.” 

Abrah received her Reiki Masters in 1995 in the Usui Tradition. Over the same period of time, Abrah spent her summers studying with Sami Shaman. Ailo Gaup.

For the past 30 years, Abrah has been practising meditation, mostly within the Tibetan Buddhist system. Abrah has done several prolonged retreats exploring meditation and healing energies, including a year-long retreat in the Yukon Wilderness. Each of these traditional forms of healing, Abrah brings to an energy healing session.

During her time learning shamanistic healing, she learned healing songs. Abrah often sings these songs during an energy healing treatment. The healing songs call back parts of our souls lost through trauma. It also helps us connect with ancestors both to heal intergenerational trauma and gather the many gifts they offer us.

Her time in deep meditation has taught Abrah many techniques to compassionately listen to troubling emotions and allow them release in a gentle, safe way. She is keenly interested in teaching people how to find a new path to understanding challenging emotions.

Five ways you will benefit from treatment with Abrah

  • With an open-hearted approach, Abrah shows you new ways of understanding difficult relationships and compassionate pathways to heal them.
  • Using energy healing, Abrah will help support you as you transition through difficult health challenges and understand their root causes.
  • During an energy healing, Abrah does not just need to focus on your problems, she also guides you to a deeper understanding of the healing energy you carry within.
  • Abrah frequently gives homework during an energy healing, it may include meditative or energy healing techniques. This will help you deepen the healing on your own.
  • After a treatment, you will feel clearer, calmer and have a fresh outlook.
Each one-hour energy healing session is $100


Abrah offers weekend and evening classes in energy healing. During these classes she gives one of three levels of attunements in Reiki, Level One, Two and Master. You will also have the opportunity to learn the anatomy of the energy body, self-care meditations and many other healing techniques. For more information about these classes please see the events & workshops page.

Energy Healing and Herbal Medicine

Abrah is also a Clinical Herbalist. If need be Abrah can also recommend herbal medicine to support you including Flower Essences and Plant Spirit Medicine. For more information about Abrah’s work as an herbalist please go to information about Herbal Medicine on this website.


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