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Philosophy of Practice

Holistic health care is based on your innate ability to heal. The job of the holistic health practioner is to help you tap into your healing potential. Holistic health care considers all the relationships involved in creating health and balance in mind and body. With this in mind and working closely with you, a plan to access this potential and create balance is developed. The plan may involve herbal medicine and nutritional therapies, exercise, play, relaxation and spirituality. In this way, the symptoms of your illness can be relieved, as well as the underlying cause. 

Available Consultations:

Over the seventeen-year period of practicing as a Clinical Herbalist, Abrah has learned to listen first, and offer recommendations second. When we are heard and understood by someone concerned for our wellbeing the possibility of wellness opens naturally. It is only after Abrah listens deeply to her clients’ concerns that she offers recommendations particular to each individuals’ needs.

Because many health challenge are associated with chronic stress, or are aggravated by stress, Abrah offers meditation techniques as part of a wellness plan to help you find more easefulness in your life.

Abrah uses a variety of energy healing techniques to help clients understanding the underlying emotional patterns of illness, in particular those associated with pain or mood disorders. Her technique is straight forward and practical. Abrah is committed to using energy healing to help you learn to read and listen to your body needs.

“Abrah, Thank you for all you do for us. No words can be expressed for our gratitude. You are inspiring.”  

– N.S.


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