Benefits of Herbal Medicine for Children


Herbal medicine has a long history of supporting the health of children,

particularly children suffering from recurrent infections, whether ear,

throat or urinary tract infections. 


Case history: A 10-year-old boy who had recurrent ear infections

throughout his life. Each winter he was home from school at least 1

week a month with an ear infection and took 4-5 rounds of antibiotics

each year. The infections had spread to his sinuses causing constant

post nasal drip. His throat was often sore and lymph glands were

swollen. He had dark circles under his eyes and was tired all the time. 


Mom had taken to several different types of alternative healers and had tried many different diets. Only a diet with no dairy and gluten seemed to help, but the infections continued to reoccur. 


He was beginning to experience nausea and vomiting several times a month with no apparent cause. 


When asked if he would ever feel well, the boy replied, "No, I will always be sick."


He was given a herbal protocol which included a  herbal tincture and tea and ear drops made with garlic oil as well as daily fermented foods. The infections decrease to one every three months. The dark circles under his eyes disappeared and his energy returned. 


With a simply final treatment of ear drops made from with sweet flag (Calamus acorus) the infections resolved and two years later, have not returned. 


Other ways herbal medicine can help children are:

  • Support children going through difficult emotional transitions

  • Help adolescents, both male and female, with hormonal swings during puberty

  • Relieve eczema and acne

  • Specific herbal protocols can be developed for your child’s needs

  • Boost immunity for children struggling with repeated colds, flues and infections


Please call or email to see if your child can benefit from herbal medicine. I offer a 20% discount for children under 17 on the third Tuesday of every month. 

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