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If I had to pick the greatest pleasure of being a herbalist, beside watching people become well and fall in love with plants, its picking flowers in the morning for medicine.
There is a very old flower meditation from India. In this meditation you are ask to go out and pick a particular of flower, it could white, red, yellow, blue, even green flowers, until you have full basket. Then you sit quietly and gaze upon the flowers, imaging your body is being infused with the flowers’ softness. When you mind feels soft and still, you close your eyes and picture the basket of flowers in your mind’s eye. When you can perfectly picture the flowers in your mind’s eye, you then carry the bliss of flowers.
Now you are probably thinking, do different colours create different experiences.
In the tradition of meditation, meditating on white flowers balances the water element and calms hatred. Meditation on red flowers balance the fire element and calms desire. Meditation on blue flowers balances the space element and calms confusion. Meditation on yellow flowers balances the earth element and calms greed (as well as feelings of scarcity) and finally meditation on green flowers balances the air element and calms anxiety.
So in the morning, when picking your flowers for medicine, feel their softness in your mind/body and enjoy the bliss for the rest of the day.


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