7 Keys to Using Herbal Medicine to Ease Lyme Disease


1. It is not necessarily the numbers of these bacteria in the body that affects the symptom picture

nor the outcome of the illness.  It’s the virility of the immune system and it’s ability to negotiate


2. There is no singular dose for a herb. A plant’s medicinal effect is not dependent on a dose. It is

the interaction between the body and the plant that creates the medicine. For some people, a

lower dose will have the same effect as a higher dose for others. For some people, a high dose

creates greater sickness.

3. Trust your body and learn to read its responses to medicine, food, people and environments. It

will tell you when medicine is working and when it is not. It will also let you know when you are

pushing too hard or are in an environment that is not supportive of your well-being.

4. There is no specific herbal formula to overcome Lyme. A herbalist uses plant medicine to

supports the body/mind in overcoming the infection not for killing off the bacteria. Herbs are

selected based on the needs of the individual not on the needs of the Lyme bacteria

(Borrelia burgdorferi).

5. It is very difficult to resolve Lyme disease by simply treating the body. Lyme disease also

affects the mind. Both physical and mental habits that weaken the body’s resistance to

disease need to be slowly released and replaced with habits that support wellness.

6. Feed the body/mind well. Enjoying a diet rich in a variety of vegetables, protein and fats, offers the body the resources it needs to become well and repair the damage the bacteria can do. Don’t forget to feed the mind well. Do things that create simple joy and contentment.

7. You know you are getting better when you suddenly remember what it feels like to be well: energy, clarity and hope.

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