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“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

For the love of plants, humanity and the planet, practice herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine and healing is a place to be heard, offered plant medicine that is sustainable and supports life while learning how to care for yourself and cherish this beautiful planet called Earth.

"It's funny Abrah - I wanted to learn from you about working with the physical bodies of plants (and I have!) but you have also done so much to deepen my understanding of how to work with them energetically as well."
- K.S.
"How can I find the right words to thank you? This journey with you is so unbelievably special to me. I will honour your teachings and herbs forever. Thank you for showing me the purple in the field."
- Margie
"Thank you for a wondrous 10 months of learning the fascinating world of plants you teach so beautifully. I am filled with more curiosity, respect and wonder for plants than ever before. You opened up a world that I want to learn more about. I feel grateful to have been part of your class."
- T.M.

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