Abrah Arneson

Over the ten-year period of practising as a Clinical Herbalist. Her practice is a blend of science based herbal medicine and traditional understandings of healing and herbal medicine.

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What to Expect During a Visit
With Abrah the initial consultation is approximately 90 minutes. During this time, your health concerns will be fully explored. Read more

Apprentice with Abrah

Want to know more about herb medicine. You are even considering a career herbal medicine. Join Abrah on a green journey that will open your senses and your heart to the many wonders of herbal medicine. Read more

Currently, Abrah is available for Zoom consultations. Due to the challenges, many are facing at this time Abrah is offering consultation at a pay what you are able to fee. For more information please contact Abrah directly at:


Contact: 613-286-5691                                         abrah.arneson@gmail.com